Mobile Concertina Concert Seating

Pro-Stage Concertina Seating is a revolution in studio seating for performing arts facilities and has attracted significant international attention.

Using our standard staging decks and Concertina Seating Sub-frames we create tiered platforms designed for use with the Sebel Linking Sidechair.

As with our other Concertina Systems, the sub-frame is expanded and simply overlaid with decks.

Side and rear guardrails are added using the standard guardrail brackets and the first tier is created with Folding Leg Units. Aisle steps are simply locked to the deck frames and a row of chairs at floor level completes the package.

In states where variations in the Building Code of Australia require the seats on temporary structures to be fixed down, we use a ratchet strap at predetermined anchor points to comply.

Like the Concertina Stage, this seating bank remains mobile until it is raised off its castors, enabling it to be moved easily about the venue.

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